HOT PICKS! On Sale This Week!

Scott and Dan pick the comics they’re most looking forward to…

Dan Greenfield, editor, 13th Dimension

The Amazing Spider-Man #121 Facsimile Edition, Marvel. This is a big one folks, in case you didn’t know. I’m fortunate to have an original but this will fill a lot of holes in a lot of collections, and I look forward to reading this without worrying about messing it up. Best part? The Issue #122 Facsimile Edition is coming in two weeks!

Spider-Man India #1, Marvel. Boy, do I dig Doaly’s take on a classic Spidey pose for this variant cover. Gorgeous. By the way, have you seen Across the Spider-Verse yet? No? Go see it. Yes? Go see it again. I have. Even better the second time.

The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries #8, DC. Unveiling… the Scooby Signal!

DC Pride Through the Years #1, DC. A one-shot collecting landmark stories from the past 30 years, plus a new Alan Scott adventure! LOVE Derek Charm’s homage to 1941’s World’s Best Comics #1, the precursor to World’s Finest.

The Flash #800 Sketch Cover Variant, DC. I don’t get many sketch covers but I’m a sucker for any that feature classic trade dress, like this baby.

Scott Tipton, contributor-at-large, 13th Dimension

Star Trek Library Collection Vol. 1, IDW. As IDW begins re-publishing its vast library of Star Trek material, the publisher kicks it off with stories from the Kelvin Timeline, including an encore of Spock: Reflections, a sequel to Star Trek: Countdown. By David Tipton, David Messina and your humble narrator!

Captain Marvel #50, Marvel. A milestone issue and the end of Kelly Thompson’s run, and a great cover by Carmen Carnero to boot!

Murderworld, Marvel. I do love a good Arcade story…

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. $5.99 for a non-cover…. It’s the ‘90s gimmicks all over again.

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    • Except these are utilitarian. Fans buy them for commissions, con sketches, etc. I’m not put off by these.

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