HOT PICKS! On Sale This Week!

Scott and Dan pick the comics they’re most looking forward to…

Dan Greenfield, editor, 13th Dimension

Superman ’78 #3, DC. Robert Venditti and Wilfredo Torres’ alt-sequel to the Donner/Reeve Superman movies has been pitch-perfect. Now, we get to explore Kryptonian lore that we never saw on screen…

Andy Warhol Vinyl Collectible Doll Silkscreen Variant, Medicom. This thing is meta, wrapped in meta, wrapped in more meta, wrapped in even more meta. And it’s $124.99 – which is a lot considering you only get to keep it for 15 minutes. (Now, here’s why that’s funny…)

Scott Tipton, contributor-at-large, 13th Dimension

Ballad for Sophie, Top Shelf. A beautiful and touching work by Portugeuse creators Filipe Melo and Juan Cavia. Wonderful character study about a retired musician and the young girl who comes to interview him. Highly recommended.

Star Trek: The Mirror War #2, IDW. Picard crosses paths with a surprising face from his past, leading to an intergalactic search for revenge. And look at that JK Woodward cover!

Dan adds: Co-written by Scott and his brother David!

The Human Target #1, DC. I wasn’t that interested in this until I realized the classic Justice League International lineup somehow plays a big part.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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    • At $4 a pop, I’m waiting for the hard cover edition. But, yes, I agree. Can’t wait to read this one.

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