HOT PICKS! On Sale This Week!

Scott and Dan pick the comics they’re most looking forward to…

Dan Greenfield, editor, 13th Dimension

Scott’s off this week, so it’s just me by my lonesome:

Star Trek: The Mirror War #0, IDW. Well, Scott may be off this week but it doesn’t mean he hasn’t been hard at work. IDW this week launches The Mirror War by Scott, his brother David Tipton and artist Carlos Nieto. The Star Trek comics event of the year!

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Omnibus, Vol. 3, DC. After many delays and much wringing of fandom’s collective hands, this 904-page hardcover is finally hitting shelves. Collects the final stretch of the beloved series – Issues #157 to #200.

Fantastic Four Omnibus Vol. 3 and Vol. 4, Marvel. Hope you’ve been saving those shekels! Two, count ’em, two Lee/Kirby FF omnibi in the same week! Vol. 3 includes Fantastic Four #61-93 and Annual #5-7, plus material from Not Brand Echh #5-7. Vol. 4 features Fantastic Four #94-125 and Fantastic Four: The Lost Adventure.

Conan the Barbarian #25, Marvel. AKA Legacy Issue #300! On the strength of this magnificent Mr. Garcin variant cover alone!

Justice League Infinity #3, DC. Hey, everyone’s going Multiverse these days – event the DCAU! And look! There’s gold-helmeted Hawkman! That’s all you need right there. Courtesy of  J.M. DeMatteis, James Tucker, Ethen Beavers and co.

Batman In the Fifties, DC. A new edition of the trade collection from about 20 years ago. Most people love or hate this era, but I’m one of the rare few who’s somewhere in between.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. My 6-7 year old self learned to read on those wild ‘50s stories. I consider many of those covers iconic. My first exposure came from the BATMAN 30s to the 70’s tome.

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  2. Anyone know if that Brave and Bold collection includes the back up features? Since I’m a huge Nemesis fan (own an original page) and seeing as Nemesis’s story is bookended in the main Batman feature, I would hope these are full issue reprints, not just the main feature.

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  3. Sorry to tell you upstge but the Nemesis back up stories are not included in this collection. Maybe DC will do a Trade Collection of the Nemesis stories in the future. I would definitely buy it as I enjoyed those stories as well.

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  4. I love the 50’s Batman for all the cool additions to the the Rogue’s Gallery.
    Calendar Man, Dr. Double X, The Terrible Trio, Signalman, Prof. Milo, Clayface II, Cat-Man, and so many others.

    I hate the 50’s Batman because of the alien stories. YUCK!

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