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Scott and Dan pick the comics they’re most looking forward to…

Dan Greenfield, editor, 13th Dimension

The Comic Book History of Animation #3, IDW. Scoodly-wow-wow! Our pal (and columnist) Fred Van Lente and artistic collaborator Ryan Dunlavey take on postwar animation – a particularly rich period in the medium.

RetroFan #13, TwoMorrows. Michael Eury’s mag has a particularly eclectic selection of features this time around: Lost In Space! The Frisbee! Dynomutt! And Bob Crane?!

Scott Tipton, contributor-at-large, 13th Dimension

Absolute Planetary, DC. In my opinion, Warren Ellis’ best and most approachable work, a love letter to all the pulp and pop-culture influences of his youth, translated through the unmistakable Ellis prism, and rendered gorgeously by John Cassaday. The whole run in one hardcover is a must for your library.

Parenthesis, Top Shelf. Eloide Durand’s harrowing and emotional account of her struggles with a brain tumor and epilepsy is compelling and ultimately inspiring. An award winner at Angouleme, I found it to be a work that stayed with me long after I read it. Highly recommended.

X-Factor Epic Collection: Genesis & Apocalypse, Marvel. When you look back at it, the original X-Factor is a really weird book. The team poses as mutant-hating mutant hunters in order to save mutants who are endangered, and the book’s central figure, Scott Summers, has abandoned his wife and newborn child to be with his suddenly resurrected girlfriend Jean Grey, and we’re all supposed to just be OK with all of it. I’m looking forward to a re-read to see if it works at all.

Morbius Epic Collection: The Living Vampire, Marvel. The origin and earliest appearances of Marvel’s homegrown scientific vampire, Michael Morbius. Man, no one drew a creepier Morbius than Gil Kane.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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