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Personally, I’m stunned nobody went for Multiversity: Pax Americana, but what can you do? Then again, the crew has some awesome picks this week! Saga (natch), the Complete Zap Comix — and Rocky Horror!

Christy Blanch, Alter Ego Comics, Muncie, Ind.

Batman ’66: The Lost Episode #1, DC Comics. I am a sucker for anything Batman ’66 so this one wasn’t a hard choice. I have been immersed in watching the new Blu-rays (aren’t they gorgeous?!?) and to add some more Batman onto that makes me even happier. 2014 is the year of Batman ’66!!


Saga Deluxe Edition Vol. 1 hardcover, Image. How could you not be excited for this?!? Saga is one of the best series out there (hence all the award shows should be renamed ‘The Sagas’) and having this is a deluxe hardcover? I can’t wait. It will look lovely on my shelf, I mean the store’s shelf. Customers first, right?!?

Bob’s Burgers #4, Dynamite. This series has been enjoyable from the start. I’m a huge fan of the show and the comic does not disappoint. It’s so nice to get my Bob’s Burgers fix when the show isn’t on! Check this comic out — it’s hilarious!

Aimee LoSecco, JHU Comic Books, Manhattan

Wonder Woman #36, DC Comics. An all-new team for an all-new story! Meredith and David Finch team up for a new arc, a new villain, and Swamp Thing! Ree!

Gotham City Garage Catwoman statue, DC Collectibles. Oh, puuurrrrrrrrrrr! Gentle Giant gives us this GAWgeous gearhead Catwoman statue designed by Dustin Nguyen. This big, badass statue gives Daryl Dixon a run for his money! (Check out our behind-the-scenes story on it here. — Dan)



The Rocky Horror Picture Show TPB, Caliber Entertainment. Oh, Rocky! The official movie adaptation contains all three issues, an art gallery, song lyrics, and lots of other goodies. Bone up on your RHPS in time for the 40th anniversary! Don’t dream it, be it!


Scott Tipton, Co-Owner, Blastoff Comics, North Hollywood, Calif.

Teen Titans: Earth One, DC Comics. This newest release in DC’s original graphic-novel series reinventing their biggest titles is still something of a mystery, but it’s hard to argue with the pedigree. Jeff Lemire writing and Terry Dodson on art definitely make this one to check out.

Batman ’66: The Lost Episode #1, DC Comics. An unused story by Harlan Ellison, with a Len Wein script and art by the legendary Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez? Gotta have it.

Spider-Woman #1, Marvel. What with all the controversy over the Milo Manara variant cover on this, it’s easy to overlook the fact that this is still another new solo series for a female character at Marvel, which is definitely a good thing.


Menachem Luchins, owner, Escape Pod Comics, Huntington, L.I. 

What a week! We’ve got the next volume of Mind MGMT, the Saga Deluxe hardcover, Teen Titans: Earth One, Intersect #1, Kelley Jones’ Hammer, the first volume of Deluxe Casanova, a Bravest Warrior special, the second softcover volumes of Abnett & Lanning’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Runaways… Argh!!! SO MUCH goodness! A hard week to pare down, but I did:

Syllabus: Notes from an Accidental Professor, Drawn & Quarterly. Lynda Barry, the genius comic creator who defies definition, professed that anyone can be a writer/creator in her fantastic What It Is last year. In this new book, she lays out her lesson plans, curriculum and exercises to help you do just that. But this is Lynda Barry here, so it’s no boring textbook. The syllabus is a work of art on its own, adorned with collages, doodles, watercolors and inspiration bleeding from every page. If you’re finding yourself stuck on your project this NaNoWriMo or just want to open up your creativity, pick it up!

Iron Fist, Vol. 1, Marvel Comics. If you’ve missed out on Kaare Andrews AMAZING run on Iron Fist you’re doing yourself a disservice. Andrews, as writer, artist, and colorist on this book, has made a book that not only breathes new life into a character that seemed played out but also challenges the reader’s perceptions of how an action/adventure comic should work. Honestly, as much as I love a few other Marvel titles with all my heart, Iron Fist is the most innovative and captivating book — in both its art and storytelling — that the company is currently producing. Do your eyes and brain a favor and pick it up!

Lazarus Vol. 1 deluxe hardcover, Image Comics: I’ve tried writing this three times… I can’t even, you guys… Lazarus… it’s just. ARGH! My favorite book being put out by Image right now (yes, more than Rat Queens. Yes, even more than Saga. YES, for real!) What Greg Rucka has done with his world-building in this book is simply inspired. Michael Lark’s art is the finest I’ve ever seen it and conveys so much subtext that every single page is rife with emotion and meaning… And what Santiago Arcas is doing with colors and tones is just outstanding. When I’m simply pitching the book I say it’s “Mad Max Meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” that may work for MAYBE the first issue, but from there on this stellar creative team expands and explores the world they have with such deft precision that it’s just a pure joy. And this volume collects not only the first two volumes, but lots of the amazing back matter that the single issues have had but haven’t been in the trades.


Ted Alexander, manager, Midtown Comics’ Downtown location, Manhattan

Batman and Robin #36, DC Comics. It’s kind of hard to wrap your head around when or how this is taking place in the DC Universe. Batman is fighting the Joker again in the Batman flagship title and messing around with the Justice League in their title. However it’s working out, this book is one of the best ongoings right now. Wearing a suit that’s better than anything Iron Man could dream up, Bruce is on Apokolips looking for his son and destroying anything in his way.


Tim Finn, Hub Comics, Somerville, Mass.

Complete Zap Comix HC Box Set, Fantagraphics. Bad news:  It’s $500.  Good news: It’s the complete Zap, with extras! Paraphrasing from the Fantagraphics site: There scarcely was an underground comics world before Robert Crumb‘s classic solo first issue of Zap in 1968. By Zap #2, he had begun assembling a Seven Samurai of the best, the fiercest, and the most stylistically diversified cartoonists to come out of the countercultural kiln. R. Crumb! Rick Griffin! Paul Mavrides! Victor Moscoso! Spain Rodriguez! Gilbert Shelton! Robert Williams! S. Clay Wilson!


Spera: Ascension of the Starless Vol. 1 hardcover, Archaia. You could call this “Spera Volume 4,” I guess, and we’ll sell it as such. Another great book of fantasy.

Saga: The Deluxe Edition Vol. 1 hardcover, Image.  Everyone else on this list recommended this, right? All 18 issues so far, or all three softcovers so far.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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