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Here’s what our experts say is worth checking out on Wednesday — and beyond!

Christy Blanch, Alter Ego Comics, Muncie, Ind.

It’s kind of an Image week for me. Not that I’m not excited for Guardians of the Galaxy or Thanos, or even Doctor Spektor and Fuse. These three titles just have me really excited!

Chew Revival #1, Image. What isn’t to love? Chew is one of the best ongoings out there, as is Revival. They are both so quirky and different that I have been looking forward to this as soon as it was rumored. I know our customers are excited for it, too! It’s going to be like nothing that’s out there right now!

Black Science Vol. 1: How to Fall Forever TP, Image. This series has been so good! I’ve been meaning to reread all of these to understand the whole story as one, but now I can just pick up the trade instead of searching through all my unorganized mess! This is a book I love reading in singles and I think reading the trade will just add more to the experience and make me really anxious for the next floppy in the process!!

Trees #1, Image. Warren Ellis. Jason Howard. What? You need more reasons?? The whole premise is amazing and a lesson that we as humans should think about. A different race has been here for years and doesn’t recognize us as intelligent life. Hmmmmm. And, Warren Ellis!


Aimee LoSecco, JHU Comic Books, Manhattan

Thanos Annual #1, Marvel Comics. Jim Starlin! Ron Lim! It’s Thanos vs. Mephisto and the Avengers!  Check out this prequel issue to Thanos: The Infinity Revelation. You wanted more Thanos, you’re getting him!

Futurama #71, Bongo Comics. Guest writer Jimmy Palmiotti pens a pizza delivery tale dripping with sauce and mob action. Leave the ray gun, take the cannoli.

Star Wars Lucas Draft #8, Dark Horse. The final issue! The final battle! It’s Starkiller vs. Vader for Leia, while Skywalker and the Wookies take on the Empire’s Space Fortress. Think you know the ending? Gonna have to read it to find out!


Ted Alexander, manager, Midtown Comics’ Downtown location, Manhattan’

Dejah of Mars #1, Dynamite. She is overlooked as a strong female character but Dejah Thoris certainly deserves to be mentioned with the likes of Wonder Woman and Carol Danvers. Not only is she the Princess of Mars she is also its main protector. This would be a great jumping-on point for readers to learn all about the world of Barsoom and its inhabitants. My only wish is that they put some more clothes on the her! I know Mars is basically a huge desert, but someone with true royalty shouldn’t run around in barely nothing.

Miracleman Book 1: A Dream of Flying HC, Marvel. If you have been sleeping on the single issues, now is your chance to read one of the best books there is. No longer will you have to search and pay big money at comic conventions for these pages. What Alan Moore (here credited as The Original Writer) has done with the classic character of Marvelman is truly a work of art. His description of flying is the best description you’ll ever hear and it will make you think that you’re actually flying as well.

Menachem Luchins, owner, Escape Pod Comics, Huntington, L.I. 

Yet another great week for comics; it’s getting impossible to narrow these things down to THREE picks… Maybe 13th Dimension would let me do 5-10 each week…? No?

Attack on Titan: Colossal Edition, Kodnasha Comics. This epic manga has become a worldwide sensation in anime form and will be hitting America shortly in it’s dubbed version. And now you can start from the beginning. Collecting the first FIVE volumes of the series, which chronicles the struggle of the last remaining humans dealing with a world devastated by 20-meter tall Titans that crush everything in their path.

Brass Sun #1, 2000 AD. A really amazing looking book, but what else do you expect from I. N. J. Culbard? Written by Ian Edginton features a clockwork Solar System where the cogs of the sun are worshipped as a god. The previews look like Miyazaki meets Girl Genius, so who can resist that?

Umbral: Vol. 1:  Out of the Shadows, Image Comics. I have been talking about Antony Johnston & Christopher Mitten’s Umbral since the day it came out. A dark fantasy series in the vein of Roger Zelazny, Gene Wolfe, and Henson’s Dark Crystal. And now it’s out as an Image $9.99 trade! Rascal is a thief who is friends with no less than the prince of the realm, but when an ancient evil called the Umbral suddenly returns with evil plans of the most insidious nature, it’s up to Rascal, an ancient wizard, pirates and even more unlikely friends to save the day … or maybe just survive the day!


Tim Finn, Hub Comics, Somerville, Mass.

Weapon Brown, Death Ray Graphics. In case the parody flew past you, it’s Charlie Brown up there, but it’s also a send-up of all newspaper strips in this collection set after the apocalypse. Ten years’ worth of work!


Avengers Assemble: Forgeries of Jealousy, Marvel. Warren Ellis doesn’t quite hit the levels he did in his Secret Avengers arc, but him co-writing an arc on Kelly Sue DeConnick’s series made for a solid handful of issues, which we’re happy to add to our “Warren Ellis” shelf.

Trees #1, Image. Someone here has probably already pointed out this new creator-owned Warren Ellis Image series.

Author: 13th Dimension

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