HOT PICKS Gift Guide #2: “Nao of Brown”

Holy crap, Black Friday is in less than two weeks! Get ready! Here’s our HOT PICKS Gift Guide #2!

I brought you #1 on Friday. Today, Menachem Luchins of Escape Pod Comics in Huntington, L.I., brings you one of his picks:


“Nao of Brown” hardcover, Self Made Hero. Glyn Dillon’s masterpiece is one of the finest graphic novels in recent years. It’s deeply grounded in reality but features just enough surrealism to keep the book from getting boring. Nao is a young woman just back from visiting her father and she needs to try and put her life together. Not such an easy task as she still struggles with flashes and fantasies of an extremely violent nature, needs a job and is unhealthily obsessed with a complex and allegorical anime. Lushly illustrated in watercolor, it’s a toss-up if the writing or art is the star here, considering the top-notch quality of both.

Nao is one of those fully realized protagonists who we can completely relate to, empathize with, and care for yet still disagree with — one of the marks of great literature.

This is a book for lovers of fiction that verges on the dark but never gets too deeply into it. Gabriel Garcias Marquez fans and Love and Rockets readers will adore it, while the art is most reminiscent of Matt Kindt’s work, though of a much more intense and realistic nature. Cover price: $24.95.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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