HOT PICKS Gift Guide #11: ‘The Adventures of Superhero Girl’

A fun read for all ages …


Menachem Luchins of Escape Pod Comics in Huntington, L.I., picks: “The Adventures of Superhero Girl,” by Faith Erin Hicks, hardcover, Dark Horse.  A fun read for pre-teens that also functions as a poignant tale of growth for people in their early 20s (or anyone who remembers their early 20s). Faith Erin Hicks has created the perfect one-off post-coming-of-age super-hero humor book.

Superhero Girl is just trying to make it work as an independent adult, but no one seems to be ready to accept it: Whether it’s enemies, random citizens, roommates or her more famous superhero brother, no one really takes her seriously.

Originally appearing in black and white online, this perfectly colored book is packaged in appealing rectangular size that fits the “comic strip” style of the story. Perfect for fans of Hicks (there are quiet a few of those), the Scott Pilgrim books or anyone who has recently started their first “real” job or moved to the big city. Cover price: $16.99.




Author: Dan Greenfield

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