HOLIDAY HOT PICKS #4: Santa and Your Favorite DC Hero

Tis the season to beat up bad guys — and what better way to do it than have one of your favorite superheroes team up with Santy Claus?


Seriously, this might be the best team-up since World’s Finest debuted in the 1940s.

C’mon, think of the possibilities — Kris Kringle cracking heads and taking names with DC’s greatest!

You could have Santa’s Atlantean Christmas or Santa’s Amazonian Christmas — or even have Batman stop a hit on Santa!

From DC Special Series #21 -- Written by Denny O'Neil and pencils by Frank Miller!

From DC Special Series #21 — Written by Denny O’Neil and pencils by Frank Miller!

Anyway, Figures Toy Company, which is big with the two-packs is letting you pair ol’ Saint Nick with virtually every hero — or villain — in their DC World’s Greatest Heroes stable. You can even put Santy in there with the Joker and they can sing “Jingle Bells! Batman Smells!” together!


The two-packs are about $60 (plus shipping) and available only through FTC’s website. (Click here.) Though if you just want Santa by his lonesome, he’s about $25.


Order soon if you wanna make sure that Santa gets there in time to squeeze himself down your favorite chimney!

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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