HOLIDAY HOT PICKS #15: Comic Book Hero Toys

This whole time of year is coated in nostalgia and there’s a really neat book out there that makes you feel like a kid again.

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It’s Comic Book Hero Toys by John Marshall. I saw it on the new racks at Midtown Comics and assumed it was a fresh release. Turns out, it was first published in 1999.


It’s a photo guide to all sorts of superhero toys, mostly from the ’60s and ’70s, but also covering some of the ’80s and ’90s. It’s essentially a way-outdated price guide but it’s chock full of full-color pix of toys like Megos, Green Hornet, Captain Action, stickers, cups, and on and on.

It’s like a toy museum in your hands and it’s great to curl up with and reminisce. It’s available from Schiffer Publishing for $30. They also make a Mego book, which I also recommend!



Author: Dan Greenfield

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