NECA/WizKids‘ minifigs and game will cure what ails you while the TV show is on hiatus!

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Full disclosure: I don’t play the game, but I really dig the inventive HeroClix figures by NECA/WizKids. I have a pretty nice collection of them myself and it hit me that the new DC set is out just at the time when we Flash fans need them the most — while The CW show is off until January.

Now the Flash HeroClix are not connected to the show. They’re based on the comics. But so what? These figs are at home in any version of Central City you care to call home.



You could go all in with a big gravity feed box of 24 ($60-$70, depending on where you get it), or a booster box ($12-$15 each) or the appropriately named Fast Forces pack of six Rogues ($17-$20). Or you can pick up a packet of one for a perfect stocking stuffer — about $3 each. You can get them online or at comics or games shops.

I actually like that they’re each packed blindly, except the Fast Forces. You never know what you’re gonna get — it’s like a little Flash lottery.

Oh, and now’s a good time to mention that we’re having a HeroClix FLASH CONTEST.

More on that HERE.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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