HOLIDAY HOT PICKS #007: James Bond Encyclopedia

Your timing is impeccable, Mr. Bond.

Welcome to the Holiday Hot Picks reviews/listings. We’ll be trotting these out from now until Christmas Eve. For a FULL INDEX, which will grow throughout the next several weeks, CLICK HERE!

Well as you probably know by now, the Bondfolk have announced the next 007 adventure is SPECTRE. I can barely contain myself. And as it happens to turn out, the 007th selection on our Holiday Hit Picks list is the James Bond Encyclopedia, by John Cork and Collin Stutz, from DK Publishing.

I’m a big fan of the DK oeuvre: Big, fat, colorful, informative tomes large enough to crush Blofeld‘s cat. So if you have a Bond fan on your list who’s now whipped into as much of a frenzy as I am, this is a great pick. It lists for $40 but you can find it for less at certain well-known online retailers.

Here’s a look at the volume that’s got more info than any M dossier:

James Bond Cover

Ursula Andress is still the best Bond Woman.

Ursula Andress is still the best Bond Woman.

James Bond Pages

Author: Dan Greenfield

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