Hmmm. What’s This Bit of BATMAN AND ROBIN Brilliance?

Artist Sandy Jarrell posted something awfully cool on Facebook…

Hey, it’s no secret that we dig the work of Sandy Jarrell in these parts.

For one thing, back in March he posted a fantastic tribute to the original Teen Titans online.

For another, he did a great takeoff of the classic Batman #180 cover, with Adam West and Yvonne Craig.

For yet another, he produced my single favorite Archie Meets Batman ’66 variant cover.

And for another on top of that, he took it upon himself to improve Marshall Rogers’ spectacular Detective Comics covers by swapping in the title’s Golden Age logo.

So I had to sit up and take notice Tuesday night when I saw that Sandy posted this image to Facebook with the comment “A bit of a thing,” accompanied by bat and bird emojis:

Now, I don’t know what this is for but I’m guessing it’s part of a cover of a collected edition of some sort. And once I find out, you’ll find out.

But in the meantime, just marvel at this slice. Jarrell is clearly channeling Dick Sprang, which is a lot harder than it looks. Many artists try to ape this style for various tributes and projects but Jarrell nails it — especially the shape of Robin’s face.

Anyway, that’s all I got. Just a little something to brighten your Bat-day.


— Dig Sandy Jarrell’s Groovy TEEN TITANS Tribute. Click here.

— MARSHALL ROGERS’ Covers Get Glorious Golden Age Revamp. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. He’s good. I wish Archie Comics would hire him to draw something besides covers, though. Like maybe Archie’s SuperTeens or even just plain and simple Betty & Veronica, Sabrina, or Josie & the Pussycats.

    My first thought was Batman or the original Teen Titans, but let’s face it… as if THAT’s ever going to happen at the current DC Comics. Maybe a short story in one of those $8 specials or some weird one-off deal, but that’s about it.

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