Hit the Beach With This Rare 1968 ARCHIE Story

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #321 — featuring a new tale and a classic by Bob Bolling…

Originally from 1968’s Archie’s Pals ‘n’ Gals #49

I’ve long said that nobody does seasonal comics as well as the folks at Archie, and it’s always been that way as far as I’m concerned.

Well, of course it’s July 4 weekend, so this EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #321 — due Wednesday, July 7 — is all about the waves and rays.

For starters, we’ve got a SNEAK PEEK at a new story by Dan Parent, Bob Smith, Glenn Whitmore and Jack Morelli. But just below that we have a complete tale by Bob Bolling that dates alllllll the way back to 1968.

Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Cover by Pat and Tim Kennedy, and Rosario “Tito” Peña

Author: Dan Greenfield

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