Hey, Look Who’s Back! CHARLES ATLAS!

The Insult That Made a MAN Out of “Mac” has been popping up in Marvel Comics!

I’m thumbing through Ant-Man #1 — and behold:


I had to double-check on whether it was some kind of meta gag, but, no, it’s the real deal. I contacted a friend at Marvel who told me that the ad first popped up to bring a retro feel to Marvel’s 75th Anniversary magazine that came out late last year  — I read it but don’t recall seeing the ad — and the company’s being placing ads here and there since.

Here’s one of the originals from back in the day:


Love it.

Of course, for you whippersnappers out there, Charles Atlas was the inspiration for Grant Morrison’s Flex Mentallo. But that’s a whole other story.



Now, if we can get this back into comics, all will be right with the world:


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. what about the 1001 army men for $10? (or was it $5?)

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