HEMBECK Posts His Own Tribute to the Classic BATMAN AND ROBIN Rooftop Pin-Up

Another homage!

In February, columnist Jim Beard had a field day paying tribute to the classic 1966 Batman and Robin rooftop pin-up, showing off 13 COVERS that homaged the image, as well as Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson’s original art.

So it was pretty cool to happen upon this sketch card by Fred Hembeck, which sold on eBay on Monday for $115.50:

Now, Fred, if you’re listening, I’d love to know if you did this for the heck of it or because you were digging all the coverage. (We’re self-centered like that.) Drop us a line and let us know! Either way, it’s a groovy little card.

Meanwhile, check out Fred’s other auctions. You’ll be glad you did! Click here.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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