Happy Halloween! The 10 Most Questionable Ben Cooper Costumes on eBay



Because kids need to wear the Stars and Bars.



One of the greats.






Bronies need not apply.



My stars, monsters have such innnnnnteresting hairdos.



“Beatnik Hippie.” Because they couldn’t very well market Tommy Chong, could they.


Paging Julianne Hough.



In case you didn’t know that was Yoda.



Was Hee-Haw even a character?



Lisa. Not Cornelius. Not Zira. Not even Caesar. Or Galen. Lisa. “No!”



BONUS: This is a good one. This is your treat.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. The Superman is awesome. I still have mine from 1973, beat to hell as it is. It’s great to see a pristine version. Thanks for posting

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