Happy Birthday, Harvey Kurtzman!

Harvey Kurtzman was a cartoonist, writer, editor, creator of MAD Magazine and one of the most important figures inĀ comics history. We celebrate with 13 covers by the furshlugginer genius.

Kurtzman was born October 3, 1924. He died in 1993.

Here’s a mini documentary featuring the legendary Al Jaffee, who was Kurtzman’s boyhood friend.


ak.playboy.laf.vol.1.B\ 36 Harvey Kurtzman's Jungle Book Ballantine059\ HarveyKurtzman_Komix_100 KurtzmanCovers10 KurtzmanCovers9

KurtzmanCovers4 KurtzmanCovers3
91a-Copy\ harvey-kurtzman_cover_mad-n6_aug-sept-1953\ grasshopper

MAD #4


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