GOTHAM TRIBUNE: Will Eisner’s Batman

This week’s Batman column joins the WILL EISNER WEEK celebration! Plus! The Batbook of the Week!

Will Eisner is known primarily for his own creations, most notably, the Spirit. But he did on occasion wander into other worlds.

In 1989, Batman was celebrating his 50th anniversary (25 years ago!), so Eisner had the Dark Knight meet his own crime-buster on the cover of the late, lamented Amazing Heroes magazine.


Courtesy John DiBello!

Then, five years later, he contributed this fantastic pin-up for Detective Comics #600.


Of course, Jeph Loeb and Darwyn Cooke picked up the baton in Batman/The Spirit, cover-dated Jan. 2007.

Darwyn Cooke 2311711405_fc59890f41_o

From the Batcomputer: Batman/Superman Annual #1 is all about connecting the Batman and Superman families. We have Batwing #29, and Detective Comics #29, wrapping up the forgettable and derivative “Gothtopia” storyline. Then there’s the finale of Forever Evil: Arkham War in that tie-in miniseries’ Issue #6. Fine. None of those stack up against the biggest Batbook of the Week: Forever Evil #6, in which DC promises the “final fate” of Nightwing.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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