GOLD KEY’s Unforgettable — and Forgettable — Silver Age Superheroes

In this EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of Alter Ego #151, we spotlight Solar, Magnus, Doctor Spektor, the Green Hornet … and the Owl!

Alter Ego #151 is out 2/14 from Roy Thomas and TwoMorrows, and this issue’s a real grab-bag of features.

Among them are a look at unsung Golden Age creator Frank Thomas; tributes to creators like Len Wein, Rich Buckler and John Calnan; an exploration of Captain Marvel’s ever-confusing copyright problems; and a deep look at the superhero comics published by Dell/Gold Key.

Check out the table of contents:

I’m particularly taken with the profiles of the Dell/Gold Key superheroes — some of which still see print today, such as Solar, Magnus and Doctor Spektor at Dynamite Comics. (Dell/Gold Key and Dynamite also have the Green Hornet license in common.)

But the grooviest profile might be the Owl’s. As this issue shows — right on the cover even — the Owl started off as a Golden Age Batman ripoff. Well, history repeated itself in the ’60s: When Batmania took off, Gold Key brought back the Owl as its own campy crusader.

Anyway, check out these profiles by Stuart Fischer in this EXCLUSIVE excerpt from AE #151. There are plenty more where this came from, so make sure you pick up the issue, which you can grab at comics shops or directly from TwoMorrows (click here).

Author: Dan Greenfield

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