GIF-MANIA! What If KIRBY TECH Existed in Real Life?


Hey, back when we started this feature, I mentioned that we’d be running some of Kerry’s groovy gifs.

And here we are — What If KIRBY TECH Existed in Real Life?

So much damn fun.

“I personally don’t know Robert Bensam, but he made a comment on a recent post that I couldn’t ignore,” Kerry said back in 2012 on his blog. “I rarely take requests, but I felt a gauntlet hit my foot. It sounded really fun to animate some Kirby Tech! A lot of my blog work is sincere adoration to classic comics, and this is one of them. I started with a cropped splash page from Fantastic Four #64. I thought about removing the dialogue, but it’s so classic Stan Lee/Jack Kirby, it had to stay.

“It makes you wish Disney would make a straight-up Kirby-inspired FF CG movie, doesn’t it?”

Yes. Yes it does.

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KERRY CALLEN spent much of his career as an artist and art director, developing product for Hallmark, but has also dabbled in comics for many years. As a freelancer, he creates work for a range of needs, spanning from Mad Magazine to children illustrations. He has two graphic novels available on Amazon worldwide, Halo and Sprocket: The Definitive Collection, as well as Dirtnap: Mystic Spit.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  2. I wholeheartedly agree with ThatWilyOtter, but can someone please tell Ben he can set down that power core now?

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  3. Lol! Reminds me of the ‘animation’ on the 1967 MSH cartoons

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