Get Mad With Allred’s MADMAN Celebrations

It’s the ginchiest!

Mike Allred’s groovy Madman celebrated 25 years in 2017 but the party’s continuing into 2018.

Available now is a special Madman trading card set produced by Christopher Irving’s Drawn Word:

Irving does a great job with these. The cards feature Madman sketches, panels and facts and all 25 come in a bona fide old-school wax pack. There are even 3D cards.

The whole set’s only $20 and you can order one here.

But that’s not all!

IDW is producing a super-fancy hardcover curated by Allred himself — the Madman Quarter Century Shindig, with 450 pages of classic stories and artistic selections:

According to IDW: “Madman: Quarter Century Shindig compiles more than 450 pages of Madman adventures, all hand-picked by Allred and spanning the character’s 25-year history. The book celebrates the incredibly innovating, risk-taking work of Allred. Hand-picked by the creator, the book includes stories from the character’s earliest tales through adventures set in Dimension X, including a story told in one connecting 32-page image; a story told in flip-book fashion; stories presented in both duotone color and the full vibrancy that colorist Laura Allred brings to every page she touches. The stories collected herein showcase not only the best Madman adventures but also the progression, dynamism, inventiveness, and pop-art madness that infuses all of Allred’s work.”

The book, which also features an in-depth interview with Allred by IDW editor Chris Ryall, is being offered in two editions: a $125 signed and numbered version, and a $350 version that includes an original piece of Allred art. Even cooler is that those pieces of art make up an animated Madman sequence:

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If you pre-order the Shindig by 2/15, you also get an uncut sheet of Drawn Word’s Madman cards. The book will be shipping later this month, according to IDW.

Click here for more info.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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