FUNKO Hints at the 1966 BATMAN Variants to Come

Well the show’s opening title did say, “Batman: In Color.”

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On Wednesday, Funko surprised the Gotham City faithful by releasing a new, multicolored Batman ’66 set inspired by slot cars and the Japanese tin toys of yore:

You can only get it at Funko’s website (click here for more info) and I love it because I like to think there’s a parallel world out there in the Multiverse where Sherbet Batman speeds around in his Silver Batmobile battling Mr. Freeze and his Brain-Freeze Gun:

Funko’s big on these sorts of exclusive variants and we can expect at least two more Batmobile sets: blue and gold. Why? Because the company’s done those colors in its other lines, just as they did the red and silver Batmobiles.

Want more evidence? Check out this display window at Funko HQ, the company’s new retail shop now open in Everett, Wash:

I want to go to there. (From Funko’s Facebook page.)

I espy Green Batman, who came with the red Batmobile…

… and the aforementioned Sherbet Batman (not his real name, but it’s all I can think of whenever I look at him).

Yet there’s also a neato cool blue Batman and a funktastic yellow Batman.

Now, Funko’s used that blue Batman with a gold Batmobile in its Pop! and Dorbz lines, like so:

That yellow figure, though? First time I’ve seen it, so maybe it’ll get swapped into a gold Batmobile or placed in a blue one. Or, hey, maybe Funko has something else mind. Time will tell.

I gotta figure the next variant set will be a New York Comic Con exclusive, but who knows? Sherbet Batman was a nice surprise.

Anyway, I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll be getting more pix of the window soon. Perhaps there are other clues in there. (Thanks to eagle-eyed reader Jim Pennell for forwarding the Funko HQ pic above.)

In the meantime, I hope to see the big guys at New York Comic Con in October, or Toy Fair next year:

For a look at the LIFE-SIZE 1966 BATCAVE at Funko HQ, click here and here!

Check out the complete FUNKO BATMAN ’66 INDEX of stories and features. Click here!

Author: Dan Greenfield

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