FTC’S BATMAN ’66 Wave 4: Gotham is Almost Complete

With Mr. Freeze, King Tut, Bookworm and black-suit Alfred, Figures Toy Company draws ever closer to filling out the Bat-lineup.


So Figures Toy Company on Friday morning unveiled the next four figures in its popular, life-changing Batman ’66 line and this wave looks like a Batdoozy (not to be confused with Batusi).

Of course you can’t really judge until you see them up close and personal, but these four look like superb additions to the line and should quiet some of the crankier fans who’ve been frustrated by the more recent variant-driven output.

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For me, the big one is Mr. Freeze. Aesthetically, the Otto Preminger version was the best the show had to offer and I longed for a Mr. Freeze figure as a kid. It looks like FTC got the details just right. I’m not sure he has a cold gun though …


Next is Alfred. We already saw apron-ed Alfred a couple weeks ago, so this is less a surprise but he looks terrific and this one you can get as a single. I think I lean toward the suited version anyway.


King Tut is obviously the most colorfully vibrant of the four. As I’ve written many times over, I didn’t appreciate the comic intensity of the character when I was Young Dan, but now I posthumously salute Victor Buono‘s brilliantly over-the-top performance. This should go well with Egghead on the shelf as a representative of the top TV-created villains …


Bookworm was never a favorite. Some people dig the character but I’m not really in that camp, though I like him better now than I used to. Still, his episode had one of the great deathtraps — Robin strapped to a giant bell clapper. Very comic-booky. The figure looks fine from here, though. Maybe if I had him battle Mego Cornelius, the universe would implode.


What’s interesting is that FTC is getting close to the end of the available Batman ’66 cast of characters — barring some very notable exceptions that they’ve been working on. There are only a handful of actors left whose likenesses the company can still do. I expect in addition to those, more variants are on the way. I’m OK with those, as long as they’re cool or clever.

But here’s my official request, FTC: A show-accurate Batcave playset. Cuz if you’re re-doing Mego‘s version …

This is me letting you know online.

This is me letting you know online.

The announcement was revealed via the Mego Museum newsletter, so a tip of the cowl to them!

Author: Dan Greenfield

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