FIRST REVIEW: Planet of the Apes LAWGIVER Statue

NECA gives us a brilliant statue to go with an aperrific figure set.

Seriously, this is the Golden Age of collectibles. I mean, NECA‘s already been killing it on their classic Planet of the Apes line, but now we have this:


All pix by Sam Greenfield

The Lawgiver.

“The greatest ape of all,” as Dr. Zaius put it and boy that orangutan wasn’t kidding.

The Lawgiver is a nearly 12-inch statue cast in scale with the company’s 7-inch line, so you can have many a gathering at the feet of the simian who gave us this wondrous passage:


I love the level of detail and I think it’s a really inventive addition to the line, which is already one of my favorites on the market right now. Behold:




According to NECA, the old guy is made from cold cast, hand-painted resin and will run you about $55-60 depending on where you get it.

Of course, I’m not sure what the Ape City exchange rate is right now. But either way, if you’re a die-hard like me, that’s a bargain price for an item of this quality.




It’s limited to 1,700 pieces and is shipping this week.

Personally, I’m hoping NECA decides to do a second edition variant …



Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Thanks for this review! I just got word today that my pre-order finally shipped. Yours is the first review I’ve been able to find since NECA shipped them a day or so ago.

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