FIRST REVIEW: Mattel’s BATMAN v SUPERMAN Set is One of SDCC’s Finest

I’m not sure what expect from the movie, but the action figures are off to a soaring start.


I’m doing my best to manage expectations going into next year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I’ve only seen a little that excites me.

So I can say without exaggeration that the best thing related to the movie I’ve seen so far is Mattel‘s San Diego Comic-Con action-figure two-pack.

The set — which doubles as a diorama much like Man of Steel’s Superman vs. Zod set from Mattel a couple years ago — is a variation on the confrontation from the most compelling footage we’ve seen so far.


But, just as importantly, it recalls — as does the footage above — the famed climactic battle from Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns. So this is a piece that works just easily for fans of these characters as it does for those who are movie collectors.


This is a gorgeous set piece. I suppose you could take the figures out — they come with an interlocking base that forms the movie’s logo — but I don’t much see the point: This is all about the presentation.


There are the bells and whistles we’ve come to expect from a Mattel SDCC exclusive. Press a button and you get thunder and bright lights that suggest lightning. The Batsignal flickers on and we get a glowing Batsymbol behind Superman and a red Supershield behind Batman, with a sound effect that sounds very much like heat vision.

As far as the likenesses, Batman gets an easier time, of course, having the cowl advantage. There’s little Affleck to see here. But it’s also great to see what just might be the best Batman outfit on film in an action pose. The Dark Knight really looks great.


The Cavill likeness on Superman is an improvement over the last go-around, his somewhat brighter outfit is a nice contrast to Batman‘s grays and blacks, and the cloth cape is positioned just so.


The set can be purchased at SDCC for $30 — and that is a real bargain for a set of this quality. Check out for more info and for news on any post-show online sales.

The 6-inch-scale set kicks off Mattel’s Batman v Superman collector line, which is due to hit in January. There will be eight figures total, each with a collect-and-connect piece — which means (spoiler alert?) we’re gonna get somebody (or something) massive. Mattel‘s also going to be using their Multiverse brand on the line, which is kind of interesting.

I just hope the excellence on display here is a precursor to what we see on the screen next year.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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