NJ CROCE has a nifty set of New Batman Adventures figures headed your way…


I love the underrated appeal of the bendable figure.

They’re durable, cute and, as produced by NJ Croce — the Gumby people — superb and affordable versions of some of our favorite characters.

Their Batman ’66 line was a home run and their New Frontier-style DC figures were top flight.


Now, they’re prepping their next wave of animated Batman figures, with designs based on The New Batman Adventures.

Batman’s animated adventures saw a big resurgence this year, thanks to DC Collectibles’ action figures and NJ Croce’s first wave of bendables. (You can read more about that here.)

Now, NJ Croce is following up with a boxed set of Batman’s femmes fatales — the Bad Girls:


I’m a big fan of the later, New Batman Adventures designs. For the most part, I think they improved on Bruce Timm’s original concepts, so I’m glad that NJ Croce is sticking with this look, especially Catwoman.


Also included are Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Livewire … and the second Roxy Rocket figure to come out this year, which is amazing in and of itself.

“We picked this particular line-up of female rogues because they all appear in The New Batman Adventures (yes, even Livewire), and they each have a certain level of charisma to them in the series—which we were sure to watch from beginning to end,” said company chief Nick Croce. “As for the other eligible candidates, we found Calendar Girl to be a bit dull and forgettable, and Baby Doll just falls a bit ‘short’ of the standard (pun intended)—not to mention the TNBA design wasn’t very kind to her. Initially we wanted to include Talia al Ghul, but sadly she never appeared in this particular series; only the original Animated Series.”

He added: “In general I talk with collectors, fans, my son, my business partner, my kids and press people like yourself, constantly batting around ideas. If it sticks to the wall, we go with it. I literally have numerous pictures of product ideas and works in process taped to the wall in front of my desk. It keeps me excited and keeps my mojo going.”


The boxed set could be available by mid-December — just in time for Christmas. The five-pack will list for $29.95, Nick said, and Catwoman and Ivy will each be available as $7.95 singles. (Harley is already out.)

But that’s not all, Batfans — we have a special surprise in store coming later this week …

Author: Dan Greenfield

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