FINALLY! Illustrated History of Fabulous GOLD KEY Artist GEORGE WILSON Coming Soon

One of comics’ greatest cover artists is getting his due — at last…

If you’re a regular reader of our monthly BRONZE AGE BONANZA column — and if you’re not, you should be — then you know just how much we love and admire the cover art of George Wilson, an illustrator about whom there is very little reliable information.

That’s set to change with the release of Hermes’ Press’ The Art of George Wilson, by Anthony Taylor.

If you don’t know Wilson, you know his art: His painted covers for Dell and Gold Key series such as Star Trek, Dark Shadows, Turok: Son of Stone, Magnus: Robot Fighter 4000 AD and about a bajillion others, are among the most evocative and interesting of the Silver and Bronze Ages. As I noted recently, if he’d worked for DC or Marvel, he’d be a legend.

Here’s the official solicitation, according to Diamond, which pegs the list price at $75 and the release date as Oct. 11, 2023:

“What made many of the great adventure comics of the 1960s so attractive were their fantastic painted covers by artist George Wilson. Wilson’s covers harkened back to the era of pulp magazines and were spectacularly eye-catching. He turned in efforts for literally hundreds of comics titles including: Classics Illustrated, The Twilight Zone, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Dr. Solar, Magnus Robot Fighter, Turok: Son of Stone and Star Trek, to name but a few. This new art book focuses on over 300 examples of his cover art and features numerous examples of Wilson’s artwork scanned from the originals together with many of the book covers he created including his extensive run on Avon’s The Phantom.”

One of many great Trek covers by Wilson. I hope this is in the book.

No further info on the book was readily available but author Anthony Taylor announced the project on Facebook and asks: “If you knew George or his family, please get in touch, I’d love to find more photographs for this.” (You can email him at

No less an authority than Joe Jusko is an enormous fan of Wilson’s, so while we wait for this book, click here to check out Joe’s guest tribute column.

Right on.



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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Did he do the vintage Gi Joe box art as well? If not, does anyone know the name of the artist that did the painted art from the 70’s?

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  2. This is indeed welcome! I know if all of his original paintings were laid out end to end, I would be saying, “This is the one I want to have. No, this one. No, this one.” and so on.

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  3. Oh COOL! Keep us posted please! My God! He did the Classics Illustrated “Time Machine?” I read that in about 1968!!!

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  4. Well it’s about time ! Can’t wait for this book. Wishing someone would release art prints of some of his work.

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