Figures Toys Goes All In on Mego-Like Line

They’re pretty much planning to make every figure I wanted as a kid. That’s a win.

The pictures, as usual, tell this story. You’ve got the new Batman two-packs and there’s the My Face on a Figure line that allows you to team up with Batman (and others). But then there’s these card backs that show you a fever dream of a wish list for Mego-like figures. Time to get that escrow account. For more info, hit the FTC folks up here and here.



For what it’s worth, I wrote to Mego as a kid asking for Hawkman, among some of the others. And I made my own Nightwing.

FTC_BAT_Retro2Pack_BatmanRobin copy




I love that this one invokes Batman #210.


Perfect. Now you just need the Scooby Gang.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Will these be in stores and if so when? I want to buy some.

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    • You can order them many places online, but not at brick and mortar stores like Toys R Us, etc..

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