FAR OUT! Dig This Groovy Bronze Age Map of KA-ZAR’s SAVAGE LANDS

Break out your compass!

Back Issue #144 is out now and it’s got kind of an unlikely theme — Ka-Zar in the 1970s. Groovy, eh? Check out the table of contents:

Anyway, as I thumbing through the issue for our EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT, I came upon a very cool two-page spread featuring a map of the Savage Lands from 1974’s Ka-Zar #3. It was written by Mike Friedrich, from an idea by Roy Thomas, and illustrated by Mike Royer.

I almost ran the spread from the mag but opted for the digitally remastered version on Marvel.com, just for clarity’s sake.

Groove to this:

Love stuff like this.

Back Issue #144 is available now at comics shops, magazine sellers and directly through publisher TwoMorrows. (Click here to order.)


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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