Fan-Fave JUSTICE SOCIETY Miniseries to Get Hardcover Collection

Len Strazewski’s 8-parter is planned for its own trade…

The Justice Society of America is having something of a moment right now, what with the Golden Age characters’ return to the DC Universe and the popularity of the TV show Stargirl.

That’s something that warms the cockles of any longtime fan’s heart.

Well, DC is capitalizing on that with plans to release a hardcover collection of Len Strazewski’s 8-part miniseries from 1991, according to a listing on Amazon.

Dig the official description, along with placeholder art, based on the late Tom Lyle’s Issue #8 cover:

Justice Society of America: The Demise of Justice

This 1990s epic tells a story set in the 1950s starring the world’s first super-hero team, the Justice Society of America.

In this 1990s tale set in the 1950s at the end of the Golden Age of Comics, the world’s first super-hero team, the Justice Society of America, must join forces one last time to stop the powerful Solomon Grundy and the immortal world-conqueror known as Vandal Savage.

Collects Justice Society of America #1-8, Adventure Comics #466, and All-Star Comics #57

A few thoughts:

— This 1991 series is not to be confused with its follow-up published the next year. Though I imagine if this is successful, that series will also get collected.

— The 256-pager is due Jan. 19, 2021. It lists for $39.99.

— Lotta fan-fave artists involved: Besides Lyle, others included Rick Burchett, Mike Parobeck, Grant Miehm and Frank McLaughlin.

— By the by, Adventure Comics #466 is from 1979 and details why the JSA disbanded in the ’50s, by Paul Levitz and Joe Staton. And All-Star Comics #57? That was the JSA’s last Golden Age appearance — from 1951.

— Standard caveat: This has not been solicited by DC yet, so nothing is official until it’s official. Even then, things can change. Just keep coming to 13th Dimension for updates.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Anything faithful to the JSA, I’m there. Already placed my order!

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    • Already place my order as well, even though it means having to buy the stories from Adventure 466 and All-Star 57 all over again. This 8-part story is a nice epilogue to the post-war career of the JSA, set in the 1950s. Would be great to have a new JSA series set in a time period between this mini-series and the first JLA/JSA crossover. The right writer could really make it a lot of fun!

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  2. This is great, but I’m more interested in the follow-up series from 1992 by Mike Parobeck.

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    • Same here. That’s some of Mike Parobeck’s finest work, and it deserves a nice collected edition.

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    • I second this. The Parobeck series was so cool. His art style was so unique and way ahead of its time.

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    • I find the 8-issue series to be the better of the two. It has a far more logical premise of being set in the ’50s. The follow-up series begins with *SPOILER ALERT* the JSA returning from the limbo in which Crisis on Infinite Earths had left them. And surprise, they conveniently came back several years younger than they were before… such a cop-out!

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  3. With the new interest in JSA characters, it’s time for DC to bring out a book of golden age solo adventures featuring the original characters seen in Stargirl. Similar to the JSA All-Stars Archive of several years ago, the book needs to include Hourman, Dr. Mid-Nite, Wildcat, and other JSAers.

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