FAMILY CIRCUS Gets the Skewering it Deserves

Not that I’m a misanthrope or anything.

I’m really not.

But there’s something about that saccarine newspaper strip that has always made me laugh with derisive snorts.

I did love those maps whenever Jeffy would get “lost” around the neighborhood, though. Those were great.

My favorite riff on those surfaced about 20 years ago during the brief Blair Witch Project craze, by Eric Lipton and Tobi Greenberg:


Anyway, now there’s a whole book that basically deconstructs the whole sunny idea behind the strip: The Fun Family, by Benjamin Frisch, out now from Top Shelf.

If you want an idea what you’re in for, the book opens like this:






Brilliant. Sick and brilliant.

Anyway, check out this li’l EXCLUSIVE we’ve got for you, from Frisch: A how-he-did-that gif…


The Fun Family is 240 pages and lists for $24.99. But shop around, as I always say…

Author: Dan Greenfield

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