Everyone wants to visit their mummies for Christmas, right?

Little-known fact: Mummies are my favorite monsters. I mean, you can really get wrapped up in their stories.

Anyway, the febrile minds at Yoe Books and IDW must feel the same way because they have a whole book full of pre-Code stories fittingly titled Mummies due out 12/6.

The book was edited with a foreword by Steve Banes, features an intro by Steven Thompson and is presented by Clizia Gussoni, three people who really get wrapped up in their work.

The 128-page paperback — which also features a gallery of mummy covers and guest-star appearances by Frankenstein’s Monster and Charlie Chan — lists for $19.99. It’s the perfect gift to wrap up for Christmas.

OK, let’s wrap this up.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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