Bottom line: If you’re not reading this comic book, why are you reading comic books? Because this is great comic books. And this here’s an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of Issue #14, out next Wednesday, Nov. 27, from Marvel!

The writer, it is Matt Fraction. The artist, it is Annie Wu. The cover artist, it is David Aja. The “Thor Battle Variant” cover artist, it is Walt Simonson. The colorist, it is Matt Hollingsworth. The letterer, it is Chris Eliopoulos.

The solicitation copy, it is: “THAT THING THAT HAPPENED TO KATE IN THE ANNUAL IS TOTALLY FOLLOWED UP ON!This one has it all! Characters! Plot! Story! Dialogue! Theme! Meaning! Message! Action! A little exposition! Fire! Arrows! Criminals! Neighbors! Large bodies of water! Clients! Cops who don’t care! A system that victimizes the victims! The dog!In a broken town where cynicism and apathy has its claws around the throat of the good and decent, LADY HAWKEYE is the only hero you can trust!”

The covers, and the first four pages, they are:




HAWKEYE2012014_int_LR2 (dragged)

HAWKEYE2012014_int_LR2 (dragged) 1

HAWKEYE2012014_int_LR2 (dragged) 2

Author: Dan Greenfield

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