This book is so much fun. If you don’t like fun, look elsewhere. Because this is fun.

I readily admit that I’m not the biggest Hanna-Barbera adventure cartoon fan in the world. No matter. This comic is terrific, and Issue #5 is out 10/5 — from the team of Parker, Shaner, Rousseau, Hi-Fi and DC. With a super-swell Steve Rude variant!

Did I say this was fun? Because it is. Just look at that double-page spread!



Doc Shaner main cover


Steve “the Dude” Rude variant





Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I just wish the Impossibles were in their original form like on the Steve Rude cover, O.K., more realistic looking for this and new stage wear but no other changes. So, not for this long-time Impossibles fan!

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  2. Prefer my fave Multi Man’s original costume, which is distinctive and adds to his very appealing look, I feel the new member will take attention from the originals and spoil the dynamic and camaraderie between them which was such an important aspect of the cartoon, and really wonder if she was added because of a PC policy at DC, (even though this story has lots of female characters); in fact it seems to have a very feminist, (not just equality), slant – and that’s coming from a woman!

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  3. Any info or guesses on the new female member of The Impossibles?

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  4. I’ve heard she’s called Cobalt Girl – don’t know or care what that means apart from obviously a reference to element 27. If it turns out that her and Multi’s new costume are temporary blips, (apologies to Space Ghost’s monkey)!! I might have some degree of interest, although I really don’t think this is the story for them.

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