Yoe Books’ foray into original graphic novels is a colorful wonder.

Craig Yoe is one of comics’ foremost historians with an IDW imprint that lovingly re-presents stories long forgotten. Now, Yoe’s adding a new angle to his portfolio: original graphic novels by some of the top talents in the field.

The first such book, Limbo Lounge by illustrator Dave Calver, is out 1/10 and we’ve got an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW for you, along with the official description:

An original graphic novel where newly dead people in Limbo await their fate at a bar while surrounded by bored interlopers from hell. This trippy, surreal, full-color adventure brings us from the hot, swirling sands of hell to the colorfully bizarre Limbo Lounge. Meet flower-headed freaks, Bud and Lou. Root for their new friend, a spry, elderly nun, Sister Eunice, as she works remotely in Limbo continuing to rid earth of despicable dirt bags. And, by all means, avoid the knife-wielding little pageant-princess-gone-bad as she plots for anything she can get at anyone’s expense. Limbo Lounge is the auspicious debut of a line of Yoe Books graphic novels.

Limbo Lounge is a 168-page hardcover that lists for $24.99. It’s due 1/10.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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