EXCLUSIVE Preview: BEST OF DC WAR Artist’s Edition — Kubert, Kirby and More!

The power and pain of war. Brought to you by the masters of the form.

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On 6/29, IDW is publishing the Best of DC War Artist’s Edition and it includes a number of brilliant, rare original-art pages by giants like Joe Kubert, Jack Kirby, Russ Heath, John Severin and Alex Toth.

There are complete stories and individual pages. It’s utterly magnificent.

We’re presenting an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW in two parts. First, we showed off pages by Alex Toth as part of a birthday retrospective. Click here for that.

Here’s a small example:

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Now, we give you four pages of Kubert, two of Kirby (including an unpublished penciled page), two of Heath and two of Severin. 


The first three are from Our Army at War #196 (cover-dated Aug. 1968), which just might be the most famous Sgt. Rock story ever. The fourth page is from Our Army at War #194 (June 1968).

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The top spread is from Our Fighting Forces #160 (cover-dated Oct. 1975). The page below it is an unpublished pencil page for Our Fighting Forces #151.

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From Our Army at War #212 (Nov. 1969)

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Top page from Our Army at War #265 (Feb. 1974). Second page from Our Fighting Forces #145 (Oct.-Nov. 1973).

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Don’t forget to check out the pages by Alex Toth, here.

The Artist’s Edition offers these pages in their original, prepub sizes, so you can see these beauties in all their detailed glory, blemishes and all. It’ll run you in the $100-$115 range, depending on where you get it. Click here for details.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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