EXCLUSIVE Preview: BACK ISSUE Magazine #85

If we were a magazine, we’d be Back Issue. Man, I love what editor Michael Eury does every month. And here’s a SNEAK PEEK at the new issue, out 11/11 from TwoMorrows.

This month it’s a Christmas extravaganza. Take a gander at the preview — including an EXCLUSIVE look at a piece on what’s probably the best Batman Christmas story ever.

By the way, ask your comics shop about Back Issue. Not all of them get it at the same time, so make sure you let them know you’re looking for it. (I love plugging what these guys do, so anything you can do to support them, please do it.)


BI #85 cover

BI #85 ToC

BI #85 Gotham

BI #85 PSN

BI #85 X-Men

Author: Dan Greenfield

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