Superman and Lois Lane — together again for the first time.

One of DC’s can’t-miss titles right now is Action Comics, which is in the midst of telling the origin story of the merged-timeline Superman. Or maybe not so much telling as clarifying what constitutes that origin since pre-Flashpoint Superman and New 52 Superman basically now share the same life. Kind of. Anyway, it’s good stuff and essential reading for any Superman fan — or DC fan in general.

Last issue dealt with the destruction of Krypton and Clark’s growing up in Smallville. This issue explores his arrival in Metropolis — and his first meeting with Lois Lane, whom he saves, naturally, from a crashing helicopter. (Hmm, where have we seen that before?) And while all this clarifying and explaining is going on, villainy is afoot in the present day, with an evil putting-the-band-together plot line that will result in a fancy new Superman Revenge Squad.

Issue #978 is due 4/26. Brought to you by writer Dan Jurgens, artist Ian Churchill and colorist Hi-Fi. And dig that Gary Frank variant. Super indeed.

Andy Kubert main cover

Gary Frank variant




Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Hmm. Confirmation that the red briefs were part of this new continuity. I wonder if this gives support to recent quotes from Jon Bogdanove (edited very slightly for length)”:

    “Hey, about this business with Superman’s shorts– or “The Modesty Briefs Affair”, wherein people, including me, have speculated that the reason Superman doesn’t wear red trunks anymore is because Siegel and Shuster’s heirs figuratively “sued the pants off him” (to quote a FB pal): I want to reconfirm that everything I have said, and will say here, is just that—SPECULATION. It is based entirely on rumors I have heard from various current and former DC folks and other people inside the industry. Let me reaffirm: I could be wrong.

    (Remember, this is all distilled in my head from an assortment of inside rumors and confidences from within the industry. I COULD BE WRONG. But please feel free to get worked up, if that’s what you’re here for.)…

    Ultimately, I think this final chapter of the war— this final case— came down to a fine-tooth, point-for-point argument over specifically which defining characteristics of Superman were actually created by Jerry and Joe before they came to DC and started laboring as “work-for-hire”.

    For example, Superman’s red boots replaced his Greek lace-ups AFTER Jerry and Joe signed him over. Likewise, the “S” emblem continued to evolve from the original while Jerry and Joe were under contract, as did much of his likeness and appearance– EXCEPT for the modesty briefs. Apparently, that’s the one original characteristic that persisted unchanged from before the boys ever approached DC until the resolution of this case.

    As a result, the briefs are the one thing Jerry and Joe’s family were able to hold onto– or regain. DC can’t use the pants without paying the heirs a little something— or so I’m told. Word on the street is that someone at DC or Warners is angrily determined never to pay for those shorts, so off they came!

    Now, there is also buzz that Dan Jurgens, and others in the company, have campaigned hard in favor of the traditional, classic, populist brand, appearance and costume– and that Diane Nelson or someone up top recognizes the dollar value of that brand as being worth much more than what it costs to rent the shorts from the heirs.

    This buzz suggests that Superman will be restored to his true self in ACTION #1000– which would be awesome in the extreme— an historic comics event tantamount to “The Death of Superman”. I think it would heal and restore a great deal more than just #Superman. I think the effects would be restorative across the industry. I would expect a revamp and revitalization of the movie franchises to stem from it, eventually– worth millions in revenue.

    Again, just rumors and speculation. I could be wrong. Have I mentioned that yet?

    But, checking out the vibe at DC these days, I have to say I detect a gathering of life force. I think DC is getting its head out of the old “everything must be Batman” days and getting its mojo back, folks. Mark my words and stay tuned!”

    I know that I am in the minority, but I for one would be thrilled to see his classic costume back.

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    • Wrong! I would be thrilled if the classic costume, red trunks and yellow cape shield came back in 1000!

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      • The traditional yellow cape “S” shield has been back (along with Supergirl’s own) since “Rebirth” era started.

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      • Well tbh The outfit is almost the completely classic look, with the exception of the belt/trunks, since the yellow shield on the cape is there.

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    • I think Jon Bogdanove is looking too deep into this. I believe the reason Superman doesn’t wear the red trunks anymore has more to do with the current movies (Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman). It’s a way to tie it in with what people are seeing on screen. This same thing has happened to a lot of Marvel’s characters since they started doing films.

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    • It’s an interesting story but then why did Batman lose his shorts?

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