Leandri  and McGovern’s latest chapter in the adventures of the sad night spirit Plenilunio’s quest for the mystic, dimension-spanning  Soul Key!

NIGHTWORLD is the old-school midnight movie you can watch on demand in the comfort of your own mind! The cult-fav is setting fans and comic-pundits on hellfire, and here we see some alcohol abuse and fisticuffs between infernal jester Hotspot and the dragonoid hordes of Hellena, from pages 6 to 9 of NIGHTWORLD #3, in stores October 1!

Nightworld Issue 3 front cover

Nightworld Issue 3 sin-opsis

Nightworld-Issue-3-p.6 Nightworld-Issue-3-p.7 Nightworld-Issue-3-p.8Nightworld-Issue-3-p.9

Author: 13th Dimension

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