EXCLUSIVE: New Figures Toy Co. BATMAN ’66 Items On the Way

It’s a good time to be a fan of Megos. Figures Toy Company not only has a whole trove of characters planned for 2014, according to Scott Beatty’s Plastic Memory, but the Batman ’66 line will feature a whole wave of accessories that could hit as early as this spring.

I spoke to FTC’s co-boss Steve Sandberg, and he revealed that the Tampa-based manufacturer is planning to add a slew of items scaled to the 8-inch line, including:

— A bomb as featured in the famous “Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb!” scene from the 1966 “Batman” movie.



— A Batphone, Batarang, Batcuffs, Shakespeare-head statue and possibly even a Batzooka

I hope it looks like this!

I hope it looks like this!

— A utility belt and – this is where it gets really interesting — a crime lab.

Sandberg said it’s not yet clear how they would be offered – blister pack, box – or just how many pieces would be included or whether they would be offered as part of a special deal. But he seemed confident that they were on their way.

Like his partner, Anthony Balasco, he seemed less optimistic that we’d see a playset like a Batcave. Playsets, he said, are on the decline, and costs can be prohibitive.

He also said the new waves — Batman ’66 and the World’s Greatest Heroes classic Mego-style figures — remain on target for spring releases.

Batman ’66 Wave 1 (Batman, Robin, Joker, Riddler): Late March/Early April

Batman WGH Wave 3 (Removable Cowl Batman, Removable Mask Robin, Batgirl, first-ever Alfred): April

Yes, please

Yes, please

Teen Titans Wave 1 (Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl, Speedy): Spring

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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