EXCLUSIVE INSIDE LOOK: Batman and Harley’s ‘Silent Night’

Straight from the NEAL ADAMS GALLERY…

In late November, DC published Batman Annual #1 (click here), an anthology featuring, among other stories, a tale by Paul Dini and Neal Adams that revisited the latter’s classic tale, The Silent Night of the Batman:

In addition, Adams put the finishing touches on The Neal Adams Gallery, a permanent display at his Midtown Manhattan studio. Over 13 days, we showed off a lot of those pieces on exhibit. (Click here.)

But the gallery is constantly being updated, with the original art rotating in and out. On display now? The original art from The Silent Night of Harley Quinn and the upcoming Harley’s Little Black Book #5, featuring Adams, Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner’s re-do of Superman vs. Muhammad Ali.

(Suggestion to DC: Have Harley hit the road with Green Lantern and Green Arrow, get Adams on art, put all the stories together and you have one helluva hardcover collection on your hands. Bonus: Include all the Neal Adams Month covers in the back. Click here for more on that.)

Anyway, here we’re featuring an EXCLUSIVE INSIDE LOOK at Batman and Harley’s misadventure, with original art on display at the Neal Adams Gallery, as well as color pages and finished work. Then, keep watching 13th Dimension for Harley and Superman…

Want to visit the gallery? Believe me, you do. Click here for everything you need to know. It’s located at 15 W. 39th St. Phone: 212-869-4170.

Now, on to The Not-So-Silent Night of Harley Quinn:

At the gallery…

First, here are two original-art pages from the gallery wall. I just love seeing the strokes up close:

Black-and-white scans, for clarity’s sake:

Finished pages. Not on display but for your enjoyment:

For information on the NEAL ADAMS GALLERY, click here.

For more on Batman Annual #1, click here.

NEXT: Harley and Supes duke it out in Harley’s Little Black Book #5! Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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