Full pages from the upcoming project.

Earlier, we brought you the news that DC’s Batman ’66 comic will be wrapping up with a Legion of Super-Heroes crossover one-shot by the Allred family — writer Lee, artist Mike and colorist Laura. (Click here for the full rundown.)

The book will be available digitally in June and in print in July.

So far, we’ve only seen scattered panels from the issue. But now we can present a larger version of the cover and four pages from the title (sans lettering).

There are so many Easter eggs here your mind will melt but my favorite gag is that the Legionnaires clearly consider Robin to be the legend by the time the 30th century rolls around.

Those wacky space-teenagers.

By the way, there are fewer people more enthusiastic about Batman ’66 than Mike Allred. So you’ll definitely want to check out this episode of The Batcave Podcast with host John S. Drew that we did awhile back. Mike was a great guest and had a lot of Bat-stuff to talk about. It’s timeless. (Click here.)

Now dig this EXCLUSIVE INSIDE LOOK at Batman ’66 Meets the Legion of Super-Heroes:

What do these pages mean? Check out the 13 Easter eggs we found, here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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