EXCLUSIVE First Look: Tweeterhead’s Classic Penguin and Batwoman!

Branching out from Batman ’66, the guys at Tweeterhead are bringing you a series of Golden and Silver Age Batman maquettes — and we have the first close-up look!


Like you, I can’t wait for the Batman ’66 maquettes to reach my doorstep. They look gorgeous. Well, Chad Colebank and the rest of the Tweeterhead Batelves are already hard at work on their next line — the Batman Classics Collection, which we first told you about earlier this year:

Starting it off? The Penguin, who goes on sale 12/18. In addition to certain retailers, Pengy will be available as a special numbered, limited edition of 250 at Tweeterhead.com. The website exclusive will come with a replica of a classic cover that will double as a numbered certificate, Chad tells me. Price is $224.99.

So take a gander at this bad bird — as well as a glimpse of the Batwoman sculpt — and check out our MIGHTY Q&A with Chad. And later this week, we’ll take you behind the scenes with sculptor Mike Cusanelli.


Dan Greenfield: Why did you decide to start this series with Penguin and Batwoman?

Chad Colebank: This line is really special to me and I wanted to start with a classic villain that doesn’t get a lot of attention (although, he certainly is on “Gotham”).

I also love the art of “Bob Kane” and Dick Sprang. The villains had such a great look and the Penguin was always a favorite. The rolls under his chin and nose are just a lot of fun. I wanted our second release to be a female, but not Catwoman because we are delivering on our ’66 Catwoman and working on another version of Catwoman that should be really popular.

I’ve always LOVED Batwoman. Besides the costume, which is really unique and really feels so retro, her weapons and backstory were really fun. My sculptor, Mike Cusanelli, really did an amazing job at capturing the retro feel.


Who else can we expect to see in 2015?

For the Classics line? We are definitely going to get to Two-Face and Robin sooner than later, but I’m hoping to make this a fan collector line and poll the fans to see who we should release and what poses they should be in. We’re going to be starting a live chat session in 2015 and choosing characters and poses will definitely be part of our conversation.

We’d LOVE to include some more current characters in the line, interpreting them into the ’40s style. Not sure if that will happen but it’s a dream!!


I’m hoping this line will be successful and we can include characters like Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the Cavalier and Mr. Zero.


When will these first two make it out to customers? 

Penguin will be shipping in March, and Batwoman in May. I think we have something special planned as an SDCC exclusive!


How did you determine the poses?

For the Penguin, we went with an existing piece of art by Dick Sprang. When figuring out what to do with Batwoman we really wanted a heroic, feminine pose. That’s the joy of the old books and art. She always had a smile on her face, no matter what crime she was fighting.


Our intent is to keep the bases simple. The characters will be standing on retro rooftop bases, some more complex than others. They won’t interlock but will be able to be placed closely together. At some point we will sell roof risers so you can have some taller than others.

What’s the price range for these?

We are trying to keep these to the $200-$225 range.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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