EXCLUSIVE: Factory’s 1966 BATCAVE Model Goes Into Production

PLUS: Info on the sculpture’s edition size and availability.

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One of the most anticipated Batman ’66 collectibles to ever be produced — Factory Entertainment’s Batcave model — is now in production, with availability scheduled for the first quarter of 2018.

And the edition size will be a highly selective 250.

“The Batcave is in full production and coming along nicely,” Barry Eldridge, Factory Entertainment’s creative director, told me. “All completed units are scheduled for inspection by our team in mid-January. This means we are on target for a Q1 2018 delivery. 100 percent of all units will be hand-inspected by our guys at the factory before packaging and after packaging to ensure quality. It’s a pretty laborious and time-consuming process, but it’s essential for a product like this.”

This is where things stand on ordering: Wednesday (11/15) is the last day that you can get a $100 discount off the $799 purchase price if you buy directly through Factory. You get the deal if you buy a Gotham City 14 Miles replica sign. (Click here for more details.) After 11/15, that deal goes away, Factory says.

That said, you still have a shrinking window to pre-order from the company if you’re undecided: If you’ve already ordered yours, whether from the company or elsewhere, you’re set. But since there will only be 250 sculptures, once orders hit that mark, that’s it. Bat-game over.

Eldridge said that 75 percent of the run is already sold and that given the rate of orders still coming in, they expect a 100 percent sell-out around the time the Batcave ships.

Full disclosure: I don’t get a cut of sales. I note all this simply to make sure that Batman ’66 fans are aware of what’s going on so they can make an informed decision about whether they want to get one of these. The price is high, no question. But Factory does offer payment plans. (Click here for more info.)

That said, I’ve seen the fully lit, final prototype up close — and it’s amazing. Click here for a video tour. I eagerly look forward to seeing a post-production model.

We’ve also done a ton of stories on Factory’s Batcave, chronicling its inception and its various changes since it was announced. You can find a full INDEX of stories here.

For ordering info on the Batcave, click here.

MORE: For the complete FACTORY ENTERTAINMENT 1966 BATCAVE Index of stories: Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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