EXCLUSIVE ART: Gallaher and Ellis’ THE ONLY LIVING BOY Goes Serial

Writer David Gallaher and artist Steve Ellis’ YA webcomic “The Only Living Boy” is being serialized!


The official word: “Inspired by classic pulp novels, old-time radio broadcasts and Saturday morning cartoons, Harvey Award Winning Creators David Gallaher and Steve Ellis have created the young adult webcomic The Only Living Boy. The series presents the adventures of Erik Farrell, a 12-year old who just might be the last human alive. Gallaher and Ellis first collaborated seven years ago on the award-winning series High Moon from Zuda Comics and have launched the company Bottled Lightning Inc., which will serialize the ongoing story. … The site officially launches today with the first 20 pages of the story.”

Our word: We dig Steve and David both and we’re really excited about this. There will be new updates each and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at http://the-only-living-boy.com. Oh and Steve’s doing an AMA on reddit on Friday at 10 a.m. ET!

Now for some fancy EXCLUSIVE art!


And some other fancy art!




Author: Dan Greenfield

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