EVAN ‘DOC’ SHANER Picks His Favorite WILL EISNER Splash Page!

WILL EISNER WEEK EXCLUSIVE! All week here at 13th Dimension, top artists are picking their favorite Eisner splashes. Today: EVAN “DOC” SHANER!

UPDATED 3/17: Will Eisner would have been 100 on March 6. We’ve gathered our best Eisner coverage and are re-presenting for the occasion. For a complete index of stories, including contributions by Darwyn Cooke, Matt Wagner and Francesco Francavilla, click here. Enjoy.


Last year, the Spirit‘s previous cartoonist — Darwyn Cooke — picked Eight Eisner Stories Every Fan Should Read for us here at 13th Dimension.

This year, we decided to spread the wealth and asked some of the industry’s foremost artists — including the likes of Mike Allred and Kevin Nowlan, to pick their favorite Eisner splash pages.

Here’s artist Evan “Doc” Shaner:

A Contract With God 0

“I picked up A Contract With God and Other Tenement Stories in college because I was a big fan of Eisner’s Spirit work. It’s obviously a different animal but I loved the visual language of it. I hadn’t seen any artist let the pages breathe like this while still using every storytelling tool that makes comics special. The stories are overtly dramatic but the drawings really struck me.”

Author: Dan Greenfield

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