EARLY REVIEW! Batgirl ARTFX+ Statue, All Shiny and New

An ode to our lovely dark angel. Not yet in stores!

photo 5

O Batgirl!

How do I love thee?

Like a summer’s night in the city

Leaping rooftop to rooftop

An acrobatic dance of justice

photo 5

OK, I’m done. I love Batgirl. Always have. So I was all gimme-gimme when I saw Kotobukiya‘s ARTFX+ Batgirl statue, which comes out in shops in July. Well, the awesome folks at the company sent me one, which is nice.

Anyway, like they have with all their DC New 52 ARTFX+ figures, Kotobukiya’s done a great job. Nice attitudinal pose. Shiny. The outfit is one of the better ones of the New 52 redesigns.

We haven’t seen many New 52 Batgirl items yet, for whatever reason. DC’s action figure won’t be out until later this year and Mattel’s wasn’t all that great. But this is a terrific addition to any Batcollection. And since it’s a Japanese import, Batgirl’s face, like the other statues in the line, has a bit of an anime quality, which makes her that much more exotic.

Naturally, she pairs nicely with Nightwing — and they can double-date with Batman and Catwoman!


Anyway, Batgirl will run you about $45 and is due in stores within a couple weeks. You can also get her straight from Kotobukiya.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. My big beef with all of the “New 52” costume redesigns is that they make it look like all the heroes in the DC Universe went to the exact same person to design their suits. The all have the exact same genericized look. Same angles same weird lines running thru the suits. It’s like some higher up commanded all the artists to draw every known costume in the most boring way possible.

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