DOUG FLUTIE is a Huge BATMAN ’66 Fan — and Has the Batmobile to Prove It

Coolest thing since that pass to Gerard Phelan in 1984…

We all know that Batman ’66 is beloved across the globe, but it’s still a real gas to find a fan where you least expect it.

Former NFL/CFL/NCAA star quarterback Doug Flutie has converted his garage into a replica of the 1966 Batcave — complete with full-size Batmobile.

Dig this video tour from NBC in Boston:

Outstanding, citizens. Outstanding.


— Original 1966 BATCOPTER Ready to Fly Again in 2021. Click here.

— HOLY SIGHTSEEING! Take a Modern Tour of 1966 GOTHAM CITY. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Holy Hail Mary, that was brilliant!

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    • Just found this. That is awesome. You never know. He is playing it cool but he must be a huge fan of the show.

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  2. I can remember watching Doug in the NFL, especially when in Buffalo. You could tell he loved the game. I’m so envious of his Batcave. I would so do that after I win the Powerball lottery.

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    • I remember when Ditka brought him to Chicago; sayin ‘he was somethin special. The Redskins thought so…

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