Dig WILFREDO TORRES’ Groovy SUPERMAN ’78 #1 Variant Cover

FIRST LOOK: The Man of Steel, all in gold…

UPDATED 7/29/21: We’ve got tons more Superman ’78 news for you — including the FIRST INSIDE LOOK at Issue #1! Click here.

The final Superman ’78 #1 variant cover that’s coming directly from DC has finally been unveiled — featuring designs by series artist Wilfredo Torres:

I really dig Torres’ ability to capture not just Christopher Reeve’s likeness but his body language, with such economical linework. And his Brainiac and Gene Hackman Luthor ain’t too shabby, either.

But get ready to swoop in, Superfans: The cover is a 1:25 variant, so it’ll be tougher to come by.

Issue #1 — written by Robert Venditti with colors by Jordie Bellaire — is due Aug. 24.


— Finally! Dig this FIRST INSIDE LOOK at SUPERMAN ’78 #1. Click here.

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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